BSA Coaching

Inclusive, Fun and Organised Sports to Schools in the UK.


The expertise and passion of our PE teaching staff is what makes PE lessons with BSA Coaching such a fun and progressive experience for primary school children. Our PE staff can teach children from the Early Years Foundation Stage right through to school leavers and our programme enables children with disabilities to develop with enjoyment. We recognise the importance of raising inclusion in PE and have a proven track record of getting children engaged and more enthusiastic about sport.


PPA is the time set out for teachers to plan and practice. BSA understands primary schools needs for a professional cost effective team to provide PE lessons with a curriculum to match the schools. BSA Coaching has been providing PPA Cover to primary schools for over 15 years with expertise ranging from different ages, abilities and backgrounds. BSA Coaches all have the enthusiasm for coaching and are set out to provide high-quality, reliable and education focused PE lessons. All primary schools needs are unique, and we believe our team leader and head coach should always visit the school with a structured plan and unique curriculum.  We aim to build and sustain ongoing friendly relationships with your senior teachers in order to maintain a high standard of provision.   

We will always provide new schools with a Free Trial PPA cover of 2 hours (2 lessons) and a lunchtime coach for the day. One of our most popular and successful ways of delivering PPA Cover at primary schools is providing a lunchtime mentor/coach before or after their PPA cover lessons.


As well as PE lessons BSA Coaching also provides afterschool sports clubs with a structured customised plan with endless rewards for the pupils! Our sports clubs are run by our reliable role-model coaches with set goals to be achieved by the 1st lesson. Regardless of abilities, we aim to develop techniques into skills and help brains to work with the team.


Our morning clubs all run for 45 minutes – 1 hour and include set skills, games and practices in order to prepare our children for the day. We like to understand the needs of our pupils and school; this is in order to provide the most effective club.  


Do the children in your school all seem to love one specific sport? That’s why our lunchtime coaches are so popular! Once a week you have a reliable and enthusiastic coach to lead two separate 30 min lunchtime matches. Every week is a different year group, and every child only plays a 30 minutes match which enables them to have lunch before or after.

Benefits of BSA Coaching

  • Full planning, high quality delivery and in-depth assessments.

  • BSA staff become a reliable member of your team

  • You are receiving a subject from a specialist

  • A flexible and adaptable service

  • Cost effective service


We understand the importance of the budget of every primary school; this is why we like to understand the schools needs before providing a price. If you would like to know how BSA Coaching can develop the physical education lessons your pupils are currently receiving please use the email address below to contact a member of our team.

Extra-curriculum sports help children build confidence, make friends and go home with new skills to share. 

A dedicated School Sports Star Coach with the qualifications and experience to suit every PRIMARY SCHOOL'S physical education needs. 

BSA Coaching brings fun to every lesson. Developing Agility, Balance, Coodination and Social skills with every sport!

Positive encouragement ends BSA lessons with SMILES